Solar set with 4500 Wp / day .power, usable as 12V or 24V
The solar system 2000 is characterized by a very simple installation of the system. All  solar modules are connected by simple plug-in using a waterproof plug. No complex parallel connection of the modules is necessary
With the help of an inverter, you can also use your 230V electrical appliances in addition to your 12V or 24V consumers.18 x Modul Photowatt (Made in France or others) 250Wp solar control  12/24V solar inverter for 4000 watt 6 x 100 AH solar Battery Also included: Off grid tec Premium Service Package In case of a defective electronical device (charge controller or inverter) we will send the product back to the manufacturer to
have it repaired. In the meantime we provide you with a free replacement device. Normally this service is not needed but in case of a defect the ongoing operation of your system is phone-support for the Off grid tec Solar Package Are there any questions or individual requirements feel free to
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